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In Between - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch

“In Between”, Miami, Florida | 2016 – The Genesis piece of “The Hydrants” project

About The Hydrants

“The Hydrants” is about us humans and our society. Who are we? How are we seen? What makes us who we are?

Unnoticed urban elements can help to get a new view on us. When I’m out for photography I always look for the undiscovered and unexpected.

This project started in 2016 while I was on vacation in Miami, Florida. In the Art District, I came across this wonderful colorful hydrant “In Between“. While taking pictures of it, I suddenly recognized the message in this setup. We are living between love and death.

Since then, I noticed so many different hydrants here in Texas. And the collection began to grow.

The hydrants are exemplary abstractions of individuality and diversity for us humans. We are all individuals, different, yet connected and equal through commonalities or the essence of our existence. Exemplarily, the hydrants focus on commonality by reducing them to their shape, while also reflecting an image of humans in urban space and nature.

There are many hydrants, and there are many humans, too. Each hydrant is different and, in its own way, special and unique. As is the case with people. Each of us tries to find ourselves, stand out from the crowd, and find our individuality. We have our strengths and weaknesses; everyone has their own character and tries to find their place in society. That’s often not easy, either because we are unable to do so due to external influences, or because we’re not accepted in society as we are. In life, we have to deal with many situations, even those we often cannot influence.

This ongoing project covers an important social theme to be discussed. There is no pre-defined meaning for any piece of “The Hydrants”. Every viewer comes with their own personal circumstances and is invited to interpret my hydrants individually and give them a meaning that suits them. How do I feel? Who am I? Where do I want to go? There is no right or wrong. The hydrants are there for everyone, everyone can use them, and this creates a multitude of equally valid, unique meanings. I love to hear all the different perspectives on all those hydrants.

Once I discovered the potential of the initial meaning of “The Hydrants” project, I formed a series “WE . same but different” with the ambition to create art with a purpose. Some pieces of this series “WE . same but different” are also currently used in a pilot project in Life Coaching and psychotherapy.

Now the project evolves – I’m curious where it will take me and you.

Artist Statement

My photography is a pendulum between our reality and fantasy worlds derived from it.

I’m entitled to create honest and authentic images, capturing the essence of my subjects and telling their stories in a powerful and beautiful way. I love to give new importance and meaning to old, everyday or overlooked objects.

I am also fascinated by what we consider impossible, and I strive to make images that evoke a sense of wonder and possibility. I experiment with techniques such as panoramic photography or ICM to create new perceptions of reality. In compositions I combine extractions of reality to create real fantasy worlds that nevertheless do not exist.

I hope my work will inspire others to see the world in new and exciting ways.

Jennifer Vahlbruch

Artist & Photographer

Artist Biography

Jennifer Vahlbruch, a German self-taught award-winning photographer, currently based in Conroe, TX, boasts a decade of professional photography experience.

Recognized for her conceptual work, she secured a grant from the Hilde Frey Foundation for an art project in Germany, in 2013. Her photographs have graced successful exhibitions, including a debutante show at Kunsthalle Kempten in 2014, drawing over 800 visitors.

Jennifer’s global adventures inspire her landscape photography. Recently exploring a more profound photography style, Jennifer distills overlooked details into essential components, inviting viewers to discover profound beauty and deep meaning in the seemingly inconspicuous.

Jennifer Vahlbruch

Jennifer Vahlbruch

Artist & Photographer

To learn more about Jennifer Vahlbruch and discover her photographic work, please visit her website.

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