Artist Coffee Talk by Ardest Gallery – May 2024

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Artist Coffee Talk by Ardest Gallery at Third Gen Coffee on 5/11/2024

Learn more about The Hydrants and me

The Hydrants - Ardest Gallery - Jennifer Vahlbruch

Experience the fusion of art and conversation at “Coffee Talk with artist Jennifer Vahlbruch” hosted at Third Gen Coffee.

Delve into the world of my latest collection, “The Hydrants,” while sipping on your favorite brew in the cozy ambiance of the upstairs gallery space.

This ongoing project covers an important social theme to be discussed. There is no pre-defined meaning for any piece of “The Hydrants”. Instead, viewers are encouraged to bring their own experiences and interpretations to the artwork. I believe that every individual approaches art with their own unique perspective, allowing for a multitude of equally valid meanings to emerge. How do I feel? Who am I? Where do I want to go? There is no right or wrong. The hydrants are there for everyone, everyone can use them, and this creates a multitude of equally valid, unique meanings. I love to hear all the different perspectives on all those hydrants.

Beyond aesthetics, my art carries a deeper purpose. Through my series “WE . same but different,” I aim to spark meaningful dialogue and introspection. Some pieces even find practical application in life coaching and psychotherapy, demonstrating the transformative power of art.

Join me for an enriching time of art appreciation and thought-provoking discussion. Discover the myriad meanings behind “The Hydrants” and explore the boundless potential of human expression.

Ardest Gallery Coffee Talk @ Third Gen Coffee

01:00 PM – 02:00 PM (CST)

25136 Grogan’s Park Dr.
The Woodlands, TX 77380

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Currently showcased at The Ardest Gallery

Not My Day - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch
Raw - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch
Wizard - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch
Homage to Christo - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch
Burnout - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch

Jennifer Vahlbruch

Artist . Photographer

Jennifer Vahlbruch is an award-winning professional photographer and contemporary artist from Germany. She is living in Texas with her husband and gets inspiration for her work from traveling the world. Jennifer also works with commercial clients and maintains her own food blog.

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