Burnout - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch

Humble, TX | 2021

What it means to me

Burnout … That feeling of inner emptiness when you’re just a shadow of yourself while life sprouts and flourishes around you. For everyone else, life goes on, but for you, you’re just an observer of what is happening and often might not be able to participate with all your might.

This old fire hydrant – slightly tucked away from a country road – reminds me of how people with burnout are also socially marginalized. You are cut off from the flow of everyday life and don’t know where you are.

In these moments, breathe, take your time, and take care of yourself. You will get through this.

Jennifer Vahlbruch



This hydrant is part of a series where it can have a completely different meaning.
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Ardest Gallery
The Woodlands, TX

Jennifer Vahlbruch

Artist . Photographer

Jennifer Vahlbruch is an award-winning professional photographer and contemporary artist from Germany. She is living in Texas with her husband and gets inspiration for her work from traveling the world. Jennifer also works with commercial clients and maintains her own food blog.

Learn more on https://jennifervahlbruch.com

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