Get out of it

2021, Meet The Hydrants, Texas

Get out of it - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch

Wharton, TX | 2021

What it means to me

We all know the feeling of being confined, like being in a cage. You’re locked in like this hydrant. Everything feels too tight, life is full of regulations and norms.

We shouldn’t set ourselves any limits. Rather, let us outgrow ourselves, move forward, and get ahead in life. Thinking outside the box is so important to dare and experience new things. New experiences broaden our horizons in such a wonderful way.

So let’s break out of the box! Let’s be active and make a difference!

Be the change in your life!

Jennifer Vahlbruch



This hydrant is part of a series where it can have a completely different meaning.
Explore the series to find out what it means to you.

Jennifer Vahlbruch

Artist . Photographer

Jennifer Vahlbruch is an award-winning professional photographer and contemporary artist from Germany. She is living in Texas with her husband and gets inspiration for her work from traveling the world. Jennifer also works with commercial clients and maintains her own food blog.

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