In Between - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch

Miami, FL | 2016

What it means to me

Highs and lows are very often close together. There are situations in life where you are confronted with death, although you thought you were in the middle of life. No matter if you want to or not. You can’t change it and don’t want to see it, so you might try to turn away from the truth and repress those feelings. But there is always love around us, giving us the strength to go on.

I came across this hydrant standing right between the skull and the heart. Love is stronger.

Jennifer Vahlbruch



This hydrant is part of a series where it can have a completely different meaning.
Explore the series to find out what it means to you.

Fine Art Prints & NFTs

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Jennifer Vahlbruch

Artist . Photographer

Jennifer Vahlbruch is an award-winning professional photographer and contemporary artist from Germany. She is living in Texas with her husband and gets inspiration for her work from traveling the world. Jennifer also works with commercial clients and maintains her own food blog.

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