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In Between - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch

In Between

Highs and lows are very often close together. There are situations in life where you are confronted with death, although you thought you were in the middle of life. No matter if you want to or not. You can’t change it and don’t want to see it, so you might try to turn away from the truth and repress those feelings. But there is always love around us, giving us the strength to go on.

I came across this hydrant standing right between the skull and the heart. Love is stronger.

Burnout - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch


Burnout…That feeling of inner emptiness when you’re just a shadow of yourself while life sprouts and flourishes around you. For everyone else, life goes on, but for you, you’re just an observer of what is happening and often might not be able to participate with all your might. This old fire hydrant – slightly tucked away from a country road – reminds me of how people with burnout are also socially marginalized. You are cut off from the flow of everyday life and don’t know where you are.

In these moments, breathe, take your time, and take care of yourself. You will get through this.

Homage to Christo - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch

Homage to Christo

This hydrant immediately reminded me of the artist Christo. It’s packaged like artwork.

As you see, you can recognize art everywhere or make something into art. Our soul needs art and culture to survive.
By art, we transport feelings, express our opinion and try to understand the world better. We process events that happen in our lives with art and get to know ourselves better.

All of us in our own way, with our means, thoughts, and feelings.
Cheer the art!

Influenced or Inspired - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch

Influenced or Inspired

There are two directions and two sides and you encounter both variants in our society.

Powerful or well-known personalities exert their influence on us. They control us, they tell us what to think and how to act. We become part of a mass of equals, feel comfortable among equals, don’t attract attention. We are part of the big game and hope for the goodwill of those at the top. Where does this path lead us? Are we being influenced positively or negatively?

On the other hand, we can also be inspired. We have idols from whom we learn and with whom we grow. We discover new horizons and new values; we develop and can surpass ourselves. Idols can help us to develop new creativity, but we also adapt to them more and more. What will become of us? Is it a positive or negative inspiration?

They’re different in shape and size, but these two fire hydrants really show me how we can rub off on each other.

Uprooted - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch


Lonely and abandoned, that’s how I found this hydrant. He is looking for a new home.

For me, this hydrant is the epitome of who I am. I fell in love with it immediately, as it reflects exactly how I feel: uprooted, not yet arrived, but still happy to be where I am right now.

When you live in a foreign country, you live your life and are happy with it, but at the same time, you often don’t really feel at home anywhere. You are always traveling in two worlds. You grew up in your old homeland, connected to your heart, but you are unhappy with your life and you are looking for happiness. Then you decide to change your life to take your chance. You emigrate and try to build a new life. You are looking for a change, you want to develop and expand your horizons. This is exciting, thrilling and leads to the development of your personality.

Yet, you are not really at home anywhere. In the new home country, you will always be the foreigner or the immigrant and you no longer really belong to your old home country. Like this hydrant on the trailer, you sometimes feel lost and always look for the right home.

But there is also a positive side: you learn to let go and live more in the here and now.

Get out of it - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch

Get out of it

We all know the feeling of being confined, like being in a cage. You’re locked in like this hydrant. Everything feels too tight, life is full of regulations and norms.

We shouldn’t set ourselves any limits. Rather, let us outgrow ourselves, move forward, and get ahead in life. Thinking outside the box is so important to dare and experience new things. New experiences broaden our horizons in such a wonderful way.

So let’s break out of the box! Let’s be active and make a difference!

Be the change in your life!

Raw - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch


Most of the time, we walk around with a protective shield. A thick skin to keep external influences at an arm’s length. For many people, there are rare moments when you completely expose your inner self, leaving your raw character exposed for others to see – just like this hydrant that is peeling off his thick protection shield. Such precious moments are not shared with everyone. When you open up like this, you shed that armor, wearing your heart on your sleeve, and all that’s left is your purest truth. This is the basis for friendship and love.

Let’s see your inner self.

Move Forward - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch

Move Forward

It stalls, life does not go further, and you do not recognize what to do.
You are stuck and can’t get out of old habits, often leading to a lack of progress in life.

Which path do you take? You want to get out of old habits, but you struggle to take that step in the right direction. In Germany, there’s a saying “to have a wooden plank before the head”. I had to think of that when I came across this hydrant. One is not insightful, obtuse, and doesn’t recognize the most obvious things. Get rid of the metaphorical board staring you in the face. Instead, be present at the moment, ask for help, and free yourself from your bad habits.

It’s time to move forward!

Gatekeeper - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch


The gatekeeper stands there, always wary and warning, selecting according to criteria that are sometimes not obvious. He’s one of the most important when it comes to determining whether someone belongs or not. Just like that hydrant having an eye on the door and keeping watch.

Despite everything, don’t let yourself get sidetracked and bent out of shape.
Don’t get dragged down if it doesn’t work that day and you’re not in the game.

Certainly on another day! For sure!

Wizard - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch


You don’t recognize them when you meet them in everyday life – everyone could be one of the invisible magicians.

They do good, help their fellow human beings, society, and all those who need support. They don’t show off their good deeds and prefer to remain anonymous, but they’re always there when you need them. Everyone helps within the scope of their possibilities and according to their principles. For many of us, however, the result of our actions is simply magical.

This little hydrant with his hat on reminds me of one of those unnoticed helpers.

Bestie - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch


Good friends are always there when you need them. You don’t have to meet them often or be in constant contact because they support us without reservations. You often lose yourself in everyday life, only rarely hearing and seeing each other. But when we are in trouble and need help, they are always there for us. They don’t ask for anything and don’t expect anything in return. They are a pillar in our lives and always have our back.

They are like this fire hydrant, hidden in the tall grass and blended in almost invisibly with its surroundings. He doesn’t impose himself and stays modestly in the background. Even so, he is always there and immediately ready to help.

It is so precious to have such people in our lives, and we need to appreciate those relationships. They make many things easier simply because they are there when you need them most. Good friends never push themselves to the fore, they just want to be there for us.

Body Positivity - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch

Body Positivity

How often do we let others influence us and convince us to change our appearance?
Don’t be unsettled – you are good and lovable as you are.

No one has the right to decide how someone has to look like.

Be yourself and stand by how you are. You are worth it!

Stand by your life and by yourself!
Like this hydrant: maybe it looks different, but it withstands every storm because it’s built more stable than other hydrants.

Comfort Zone - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch

Comfort Zone

We all need to take breaks to unwind from everyday life. Go for a walk in the park to simply enjoy life. Relax and unwind from everyday life, recharge your batteries to master new challenges again.

This hydrant is doing exactly this: it relaxes and enjoys life. Take care of your mental health, forge ahead with a positive attitude, and enjoy life – it’s simply priceless.

Connected - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch


We live in a networked world. Each of us is linked up and connected to the whole world.

This hydrant in the middle of nowhere reminded me of a hub or a network node. Friendships are forming around the globe in a way that would never have been possible before. Locations and distances do not matter any longer. We are communicating with each other across borders, growing together digitally. And defying technology, these friendships then carry over into real life.

A shout-out to our connections and friendships!

Life Experience - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch

Life Experience

Life is often an eventful journey, and some of us have experienced a lot. They were struggling or just enjoying life intensely. We are often unintentionally exposed to change, going through different phases in our lives. Every fight, every change, but also every intense experience leaves its mark.

Adaptability is the basis for consistency.

Only if you can adapt again and again does it endure. The many different layers of paint clearly show that this hydrant has seen a lot. It’s old, but it was constant, and it’s still there. You can also see the traces of life on us. But deep within us lies a valuable treasure: our life experience.

Hangover - The Hydrants - by Jennifer Vahlbruch


Ah, how beautiful life is. One must make hay when the sun shines and enjoy the lightness of being and the moment. Exuberant and full of joy is celebrated. Until the next morning: the hangover is here! Everything is still foggy and blurry, you feel slightly queasy in your stomach. You can’t think straight yet. The lightness of being seems gone forever. But the memories of a good time outweigh the boring feeling. Until the next party.

WE . same but different

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